Silverton Youth Wrestling Season Registration

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Silverton Youth Wrestling Season Registration

Silverton Youth Wrestling Season Registration Form (2021-2022)

The season will begin Nov 1.

Practice Schedule:

-Beginner Practice Tuesday/Thursday 6:30-7:30 pm
-Advanced Practice Monday – Thursday 6:30-8 pm

*Any parent interested in coaching please contact us. We always need more help!

Mat Club Fees 2021-2022
-Beginner Wrestler, 1st or 2nd year wrestlers NOT wanting to compete $100
-Beginner Wrestler, 1st or 2nd year wrestlers wanting to compete, tournament fees included $150
-Advanced Wrestler, 3rd plus year wrestlers or approved by a coach, tournament fees included $250
-Additional Siblings $100 each

If you choose to pay online, enter the total amount based on the fee information above after you register. If not, please pay in person at practice.


By submitting this form you agree:
The parent or guardian of the above wrestler, understand that coaches, instructors, and volunteers of Silverton Wrestling, and/or the Silver Falls School District will not be held liable in case of injury or illness (including COVID 19) of the wrestler. If my child needs medical attention, it is my wish that the treatment be started while efforts are being made to contact me. So that treatment is not delayed, I consent to any medical procedures the physician believes are needed with the understanding that efforts to contact me will continue to be made. I accept responsibility for all the costs related to such treatment.

* Parent Code of Conduct: Parents will act as positive role models, and encourage sportsmanship by showing respect and courtesy, and by demonstrating positive support for all wrestlers, coaches, officials, parents, on social media and with other spectators, at all practices, exhibitions, dual meets, tournaments, and other Silverton Wrestling Club sanctioned events.

* Communicable Skin Issues: Report any skin issues with a coach immediately if one should occur. Parents and wrestlers are to police skin issues themselves and not practice if they have any form of a skin infection. If a coach has a concern, they will ask that wrestler not to participate and get the concern checked out. Coaches will always err on the side of caution.


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